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The electoral register can be searched for free using the box to the right. Thousands of totally free results are available (just register which takes 1 minute and is also free). The free results will be displayed first, if your search subject cannot be found there may be some premium results available which cost a few pence to access.

You can use many powerful search filters to help narrow down your search, handy if your subject has a common name. For example you can choose to search within a given age range like 30 - 40, or by occupation or postcode / area. You can also see who else is living at the property and when.

A host of other information is also available like company director details, the price paid for the property even a  photo of it when possible!

All this can be done online in seconds and about 50 - 60% of searches produce a free result.

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Searching the Electoral Register

In order to search the electoral register you simply need the persons first name and surname, if you have an idea where they may be for example a radius of 31 miles from Rockingham this will help to reduce the number of results and enable you to find the person you are searching for faster.

You can search the electoral register by typing in the name and location above, its free to try.

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